Coal Combustion Residuals (CCR)

On December 22, 2008, a large coal ash spill occurred at the Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) power plant in Kingston, Tenn. flooding more than 300 acres of land and releasing coal ash into the Emory and Clinch rivers. This catastrophic spill prompted EPA to assess coal ash surface impoundments and gather information from facilities managing coal ash nationwide. On June 21, 2010 (75 FR 35128), EPA proposed regulations under RCRA to address the risks from the disposal of Coal Combustion Residuals generated from the combustion of coal at electric utilities and independent power producers.


This proposal contained two regulatory options due to the significant and technical policy issues involved in regulating these wastes.


  • Under the first, EPA proposed to list these residuals as special wastes subject to regulation under Subtitle C of RCRA, when they are destined for disposal in landfills or surface impoundments.
  • Under the second option, EPA proposed to regulate disposal of such materials under Subtitle D of RCRA by issuing national minimum criteria.


Under both alternatives EPA proposed to establish dam safety requirements to address the structural integrity of surface impoundments to prevent catastrophic releases.


After extensive study and examination of all comments received during the rulemaking process, EPA established regulations under Subtitle D of RCRA.


List of Publicly Accessible Internet Sites of IEA Member Companies Hosting Compliance Data and Information Required by the Disposal of Coal Combustion Residuals Rule


Name of Plant City URL of Publicly Accessible Internet Site
FB Culley Newburg
Wabash River Terre Haute
Eagle Valley Martinsville
AES Petersburg Petersburg
Cayuga Cayuga
Michigan City Michigan City
Bailly Chesterton
Harding Street Indianapolis
Rockport Rockport
Gibson Owensville
A B Brown Mount Vernon
R M Schahfer Wheatfield
R Gallagher New Albany