Base Rate Cases

Electric and Natural Gas Base Rate Cases


When a regulated public utility seeks a rate increase, it files an application, typically called a rate case. A rate case takes several months to complete and involves thorough analysis by the Indiana Utility Regulatory Commission (IURC) staff and other parties, discovery, audits, written testimony, hearings, legal briefs, an IURC decision, and possible requests for reconsideration or appeal.


Setting utility rates is a complicated process and involves many steps:


  1. Establishment of the revenue requirement. The revenue requirement is the total annual revenue required by a public utility to recover the cost of providing utility service to its customers including a fair return on its investment.
  1. Determination of the revenue requirement for each customer class (i.e., residential, commercial, and industrial).
  1. Prices, or rates, must be established for each customer class.


Source: Energy Utility Rate Setting by Lowell E. Alt Jr. (2006)


Pending Base Rate Cases at the IURC


Click here for a list of pending base rate cases by industry currently before the IURC. The list only contains pending base rate cases. Utility rates may be adjusted through other types of cases.


2019 Electric Base Rate Cases:

Your Energy, Your Future


As we envision a brighter future for northern Indiana, we are focused on making the transition to lower-cost, cleaner energy options when it comes to supplying the future energy needs of our customers.


Though customers will realize savings over the long-term as a result of these changes – largely through lower fuel costs from increased utilization of renewable energy and the avoidance of costs associated with maintaining and upgrading aging facilities – NIPSCO is making a request to adjust electric rates, which proposes an increase for customers to support the transition.


NIPSCO’s proposal seeks to the needs of customers and support the company’s future plans. Customers have a voice in this year-long process, which is ultimately decided by the Indiana Utility Regulatory Commission (IURC).


Innovate Indiana


I&M’s new Innovate Indiana plan, now pending before the Indiana Utility Regulatory Commission, includes proactively replacing hundreds of aging poles and dozens of miles of power lines along with adding newer technology to reduce the number, duration and extent of power outages.


Innovate Indiana will produce a stronger, smarter grid, with new meters in your home that empower you to better use energy. We’ll have new options for charging electric vehicles and supporting renewable, green energy.



How we’re building a better, more reliable energy future.


Generating cleaner electricity, improving the reliability of our electric service, and investments to serve a growing customer base are some of the key factors behind an electric rate increase request Duke Energy recently filed with the IURC on July 2, 2019.


2019 Natural Gas Base Rate Cases:




Boonville Natural Gas



IURC Rate Case Process*



*All dates are approximate and can be adjusted if needed.  However, Day 300 when the IURC issues it’s order cannot be exceeded, though completing a case early would be allowed